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SMASH Updates

SMASH - Sustainable Malborough & South Huish




A group of our committed locals has organised an exciting new community event to raise awareness about the Climate Emergency declared by the government on 1st May 2019.

On Saturday 2nd April SMASH CEB – short for Sustainable Malborough and South Huish Climate Emergency Biodiversity – is hosting a Climate and Nature Fair at the Village Hall from 10am-4pm.

Nationally the UK has a legally binding target to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2050 but many Councils have more ambitious targets including our own forward-thinking South Hams District Council which has set a net-zero target of 2030.

To help us all understand ways in which we can contribute to saving energy, adopt new transport methods, limit waste and improve our local biodiversity, SMASH CEB have arranged for very many local groups, organizations and businesses to take a stall at the Fair and give us a lead on the best ways forward. The day will kick off with a procession through the village led by the pupils of our local schools and there will be short talks throughout the day by leading local environmental groups with Q&A sessions afterwards. Our local politicians will also be on hand to explain what plans now exist to address the urgent issues implicit in the government’s Climate Emergency declaration by saving energy, adopting new transport methods, limiting waste and improving local biodiversity.

The aim of the Fair is to give us locals the chance to learn how we can calculate and reduce our own carbon footprint and adopt new transport methods. Ways to limit and recycle waste will be addressed by both the local professional and volunteer groups and we will learn more about how we can all improve our biodiversity by planting trees, creating wildflower areas, building bug hotels and keeping our beaches and pathways free from litter.

Delicious and sustainable food and drink will be available from local suppliers. Local chef Janey Syrett from Feast will host the pop-up “Climate Café” and will provide healthy take-away to keep visitors energised and to show what wonderful food is just around the corner from us all in the South Hams.  It will be a fun and informative day out for the family and SMASH CEB spokesperson Tony Lyle enthusiastically said:

“We are very excited at hosting the very first local community event designed to educate us how best we can all contribute to limiting, and most importantly halting, the environmental emergency that is unfolding around us. What is happening right now is SO life changing for us and our children to come, please do get involved. And save the date! Saturday April 2nd. Any group which feels it could make a contribution please contact me on [email protected]



Environment Fair at Malborough Village Hall on Saturday 2nd April 2022 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. with procession starting from the parish church to the Hall a 9.45 a.m.

Tony Lyle: 01548 561264 (h) and 07971 528430 (m)