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Councillors & Contacts

Parish Clerk

Clerk Contact

Mrs Katharine Harrod

Tel:  07704 941150

Email:  [email protected]

Councillors, Contact Details & Lead Roles

Councillors Contact Details Lead Roles

Cllr Lucinda Goodhead

07870 867765

Safeguarding Children

Cllr Vanessa Harris

01548 560934

Cllr Richard Harrod

07704 941150

Skate Park & Defibrillators

Cllr Ann Kendall (Vice Chairman)

01548 561283

Messenger, Recycling & CVS Lead

Cllr Paul Pedrick

07970 126971

Snow Warden & Police Liaison

Cllr John Sampson

01548 561061

Street Furniture

Cllr John Yeoman (Chairman)

01548 861232

Cllr Kevin Yeoman

07484 234165

Snow Warden


Lead Roles Continued

Name Lead Roles


John Butler & Parish Clerk

Burial Ground 

Parish Clerk


Gill Boyce


All Councillors

GDPR Officer

Parish Clerk

Neighbourhood Plan

All Councillors

School Liaison

Parish Clerk

Tree Warden

Jamie Rundle

Village Hall

All Councillors by rotation